WA Cricket is committed to the ongoing support and management of cricket facilities across Western Australia, working with relevant stakeholders to ensure the best possible environments for our cricket communities.

Western Australian Cricket Infrastructure Strategy 2019-28

WA Cricket is excited to announce that the Western Australian Cricket Infrastructure Strategy (WACIS) has now been finalised.

The WA Cricket Infrastructure Strategy identifies key facility priorities in each of the 14 Western Australian cricket regions and will guide the development of cricket infrastructure in WA for the next 10 years. The following four key infrastructure pillars and their strategic objectives will underpin cricket infrastructure planning and investment decisions across Western Australian cricket over the next 10 years. The four pillars are:

  1. Build the capacity of existing facilities
  2. Expand the facility footprint to meet changing needs and population growth
  3. Deliver flexible and inclusive facilities
  4. Collaborate with key partners and stakeholders to share the benefits of better facilities

The WA Cricket Infrastructure Strategy (WACIS) aims to align cricket and government strategic planning, promote collaboration between all layers of the cricket community and government and to highlight the key drivers of facility planning and investment.

The Strategy will complement and strengthen the Australian Cricket Infrastructure Fund. 

WA Cricket Infrastructure Strategy 2019-2028

For enquiries regarding the WA Cricket Infrastructure Strategy (WACIS), please contact Infrastructure & Local Government Relations Manager Brodie Green, on 9265 7239 or at brodie.green@wacricket.com.au.  

Australian Cricket Infrastructure Fund

Cricket Australia, in partnership with State and Territory Associations, is committed to developing quality facilities that provide a welcoming environment for all participants, officials, volunteers and spectators. The Australian Cricket Infrastructure Fund (ACIF) will contribute up to $5 million in 2023/24 into community facility projects, representing Cricket’s continued commitment to infrastructure funding. 

This investment has been bolstered by the commitment of additional funding to the ACIF via the Grassroots Cricket Fund (GCF) of $1 million for 2023/24. The GCF is a partnership between the Australian Cricketers' Association and Cricket Australia, with the funding being contributed by Australian cricketers to support cricket in local communities. 
The ACIF is open to all clubs, associations, schools, councils and cricket facility managers, acknowledging the important role that these partners play in providing facilities for community cricket across Australia. 

Download: ACIF Guidelines 
Sample ACIF Application Template


 20th November 2023

 Applications Open

 17th March 2024

 Applications Close

 18th March 2024 onwards

 State Review and Assessment

 April 2024

 Cricket Australia Review and Assessment

 April 2024

 National Assessment Panel

 May 2024

 Applicant Notification

Apply Here

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply to the ACIF?
 Western Australian Clubs, associations, councils, schools, facility managers or any other organisation with a role as a user or manager of a community cricket facility.

How can I apply for funding from the ACIF?
Applications are submitted via an online form. The application will be able to be accessed via the APPLY HERE button once the funding round opens on Monday 20th November 2023. Applicants are strongly encouraged to contact and discuss their project with their local cricket manager.

What types of projects receive funding from the ACIF?
Projects must be focused on growing cricket participation and/or providing welcoming and inclusive environments for all participants. Typical projects include the construction or refurbishment of pitches, ovals, practice facilities, change rooms, pavilions and supporting infrastructure.

Are there projects that the ACIF doesn't support?  
The ACIF doesn’t support:

  • Projects that have already commenced*
  • Sporting equipment (e.g. stumps, balls)
  • Routine maintenance or maintenance equipment
  • Temporary facilities
  • Projects not focused on community cricket
  • Projects that can be covered by insurance
  • Previously funded facilities (unless a new facility component)
  • Facilities with no/limited public access.

*The ACIF does not generally support projects that have already commenced construction, however, should circumstances require prior commencement (e.g. the facility has been damaged and requires immediate rectification works) it is recommended applicants contact Infrastructure & Local Government Relations Manager, Brodie Green at brodie.green@wacricket.com.au to discuss project eligibility. 

What if my project doesn't meet the funding guidelines?
Please contact Infrastructure & Local Government Relations Manager, Brodie Green at brodie.green@wacricket.com.au to discuss how they may be able to assist you in developing your project or seek other funding opportunities.

How much funding can I apply for?
The ACIF has two grant categories relating to the amount of the funding request: 

  • Australian Cricket Infrastructure Fund - Minor:  $0 - $15,000 
  • Australian Cricket Infrastructure Fund - Major:  $15,001 - $40,000 

*Applications for more than $40,000 for multi-faceted/regionally significant projects will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 

When will the ACIF be open for applications?
The Australian Cricket Infrastructure Fund (ACIF) for 2023/24 will open in WA on Monday 20th November 2023 and will close on Sunday 17th March 2024.

What is the Grassroots Cricket Fund?
The Grassroots Cricket Fund is a partnership between The Australian Cricketers' Association and Cricket Australia, with funding being contributed by Australian cricketers to support cricket in local communities. Funding from the Grassroots Cricket Fund will contribute to the Australian Cricket Infrastructure Fund, as well as providing funding for club equipment through a separate grant program. More information can be found at  www.grassrootscricketfund.com.au

All projects submitted to the Australian Cricket Infrastructure Fund must align with the Community Cricket Facility Guidelines.  

Facilities and Infrastructure

Infrastructure Guidelines

Cricket Australia’s Community Cricket Facility Guidelines aim to provide a consolidated resource of community cricket facility planning, development, management, and maintenance information for use by community, government and national cricket industry partners and stakeholders.

The Guidelines represent an important part of Cricket Australia’s investment into community cricket, with facilities being recognised as one of the key pillars in supporting the growth of cricket participation and improving participant and fan experiences.

Broken out into section for easy use, this document will point you in the right direction to ensure you consider everything for your infrastructure planning.


Cricket Lighting

Are you planning a cricket lighting project? To ensure your project aligns with the recently introduced Australian Standard for non-broadcast cricket lighting, check out Cricket’s Lighting Guidance note.