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Australian Grassroots Cricket Digital Transformation

Australian Cricket has partnered with PlayHQ to build a modern, intuitive, cloud-based platform for community Clubs and Competitions across Australia. The new platform will help with the core jobs of registration, payments, competition management and scoring. Other complementary software solutions will be able to ‘plug-in’ (integrate) with PlayHQ to build a broader suite of Club and Competition management tools.

Enabling quick and simple online registration and payment is a key benefit of the PlayHQ platform. It has been designed to make running local clubs easy with paperless management of club member information and to take the pain out of handling cash and reconciling registration payments. It also allows clubs to meet the expectations of an increasingly digital community where any registration process can be completed simply from a mobile phone.

At the start of each season, players will need to register themselves to their respective club(s) through PlayHQ. This has been standard practice for parents registering kids to junior cricket, but might be a change for some senior players.

As part of the move to online registration for all players, Cricket Australia will also streamline and aggregate the national costs of participation into a single fee. This fee includes existing insurance costs that have previously been paid individually by players (juniors) or through team fees charged to the club (seniors). It also covers a digital services contribution to support ongoing improvements to technology for all clubs and players.

For junior players it will be $16, for senior players it will be $22.50 paid at the point of registration on PlayHQ. Players will only pay this fee once a season, with juniors also playing seniors only paying the smaller $16 fee. There will be no change to the current Woolworths Cricket Blast fee structure. Importantly, the fee amount will be locked in for the next three years through to 2025, to be reviewed by Cricket Australia at the conclusion of this period.

Australian Cricket is confident that the experience with PlayHQ will be a significant improvement on MyCricket, providing new features and further innovations that make volunteering easier and playing more fun. Through a small contribution from each player annually this will come to life.

PlayHQ is the first step in the transformation of the digital experience for Australian grassroots cricket. The transition from MyCricket to PlayHQ is being carefully managed over a staged process between January 2021 and January 2024.

In delivering a staged rollout of the PlayHQ platform, WA Cricket will be able to provide tailored support to the 35% of clubs, Associations and players in season 2022/23.

Through season 2022/23, country clubs and Associations in Western Australia, along with the Peel Junior Cricket Association and Peel Cricket Associations will be the first to move across to PlayHQ. Metropolitan clubs and Associations, including Premier Cricket will follow in season 2023/24. There are considerable benefits to delivering this staged rollout.

  • Ensuring that a manageable number of clubs, Associations and players (approximately 35%) move in the first transition, allowing WA Cricket and the Cricket Australia HelpDesk to provide a tailored education and support package that is deliverable
  • Addressing an urgent need that presents in the country where Associations are unable to appear in the MyCricket hierarchy as a club. This is required in various competitions including Country Week, Bunbury and Peel Carnivals, Country Cup and Statewide affiliate competitions with additional volunteer hours resulting..
  • Eliminating the need for clubs to be using both systems with multiple logins and financial reconciliation processes
  • Minimising the number of players using both MyCricket and PlayHQ for registration and match scores.

For questions specific to the WA Cricket rollout of PlayHQ please contact Systems and Competitions Lead Mark Sanders on 0411 056 593 or

Cricket Australia has developed a web portal to allow clubs and Associations to be up to date with the most current information around the new platform, with resources to support a smooth transition. Club volunteers are actively encouraged to join the subscribers list to receive information directly to their email. For more information visit

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