The Community Junior Cricket Council (CJCC) is the name given to the body which represents the six junior community cricket associations in the Perth metropolitan area.

The affiliate associations are:

  • Central Junior Cricket Association (CJCA)
  • Midland Guildford Junior Cricket Association (MGJCA)
  • North West Metropolitan Cricket Association (NWMCA)
  • Peel Junior Cricket Association (PJCA)
  • South East Metropolitan Cricket Council (SEMJCC)
  • South West Metropolitan Cricket Council (SWMJCC)

The objectives of the CJCC are as follows:

  • Develop and implement policies, strategies and programs aimed at increasing participation and retention in community junior cricket across the Perth metropolitan area.
  • Manage all junior community cricket in the greater metropolitan area of Perth
  • Provide leadership to, and encourage relationships with, all associations affiliated with the WACA and all other persons, groups and associations involved in the playing or administration of Junior Cricket.

The CJCC Committee is made up of delegates from all 6 affiliate associations as well as independent members.

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