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Being part of the WA Cricket umpiring family provides the opportunity to become involved in Australia’s favourite sport as an official and anyone one that has a passion for cricket can become an umpire.

Cricket is Australia’s favourite sport and millions enjoy the opportunity to play this great game and rise through its ranks.

It’s a thoroughly rewarding way to enjoy the game from the best seat in the house and it provides the opportunity to learn new skills and make life long friends in cricket.

Benefits of being an Umpire in WA Premier Cricket include:

  • Being involved in the sport you love
  • Have the best seat in the house to watch cricket
  • Opportunity to progress with your umpiring
  • Ongoing training and development
  • Fellowship
  • Attractive match payments
  • Membership of the WA Cricket Umpires Association (WACUA) annual fee applies
  • Discounted membership of the WACA

Getting Started

At the WACA we aim to provide the best accreditation, training and development for you to become the best umpire you can be no matter what competition you umpire in.

Please refer to the courses page for more details of planned accreditation and training programmes.

Cricket Umpires Australia

Intake for Umpires in WA

If you're interested in joining the WACA umpiring family and umpire in Cricket in WA, please contact Umpire Development Specialist John Sherry on

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