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Veterans Cricket

Western Australian Veterans Cricket (WAVC) has been in existence for many years. Various over fifties, sixties and seventies teams have competed successfully in national, international and touring events including World Cups, Test matches and National Championships.


In 2019 WAVC was formally incorporated and became affiliated with Veterans Cricket Australia (VCA) and the WACA.


The overall Vision of the WAVC is: Cricket – A sport for life with the goal of providing maximum opportunities for people to participate in the game of cricket for as long as they wish. An additional goal is to promote the social, physical and mental health benefits of staying involved in cricket, over many years, as a player, club member, volunteer and/or official.

Strategic Plan 2019-2022

A copy of the new WAVC Strategic Plan 2019 – 2022 can be found here.

Committee Arrangements 

Many years of hard work have been committed by the existing Board to get WAVC to this point. With the new plan and WACA affiliation it felt timely to review the governance structure. The goal is to have a new WAVC committee endorsed at the next AGM in January 2020. Noel Raymond is the new President. The previous President, Rob Sims, is now the President of Veterans Cricket Australia.


  • President: Noel Raymond
    p: 0437 782 850
  • Vice President: Peter Wilkinson
    p: 0434 918 027
  • Secretary: Kathy O’Shaughnessy
  • Treasurer: Martin Pearce

State Teams and Competitions Information

There are numerous opportunities to play Veterans Cricket in WA through existing competitions overseen by Cricket West, WA District Cricket Council and the many metropolitan and regional cricket associations and clubs. There are other current and emerging opportunities for players to continue their enjoyment. For contacts related to the opportunities outlined above see the table below.

Teams and Competitions



State Over 50s

National Championships: Adelaide

20-24 November 2022

Jason Hamling
M: 0402 270 741


State Over 60s

National Championships – Barwon (Geelong)

27 November-1 December 2022

Darrell Ramponi
M: 0408 321 268



Greg Elliot

M: 0427 811 045


State Over 70s


National Championships – Launceston TAS
9-15 November 2022


Michael Boyd
M: 0429 009 004


Female 0ver 35s

National Championships – Bowral NSW

Late November 2022

Jennifer Riatti

M: 0457 583 211




Senior Community Competitions:
• Perth Swan Cricket Association
• WA Suburban Turf Cricket Association
• North Suburban Community Cricket Association
• South Metropolitan Cricket Association
October 2021– April 2022

Inter Association Competition:
• Belt Up CricketWest Cup January/February 2022

Matt O’Mara
M: 0417 924 006


Premier Cricket (Veterans)

O/35s Competition
Five rounds
November 2021 – April 2022

Christian Bauer
M: 0407 991 611


Country Masters Carnival

1-3 April 2022, across SouthWest region

Rob Marshall
M: 0416 033 335


WA Country 0ver 50s, 60s and 70s
WA Metro 0ver 50s, 60s and 70s Matches

Dates for 2022/23 TBC

Rob Marshall (Country)
M: 0416 033 335



Noel Raymond (Metro)

M: 0437 782 850

Other Community Veterans Competitions

Metropolitan Veterans Cricket Association
O/35s eight team competition
October 2021 – March 2022

Follow the Facebook page here


Over 45s

Damien Bainbridge
M: 0419 997 322

Chris Sampson
0430 788 150

Mid - Week Winter Competition

2021 Competition complete.

2022 details to be finalised in early 2022

Jennifer Riatti

M: 0447 583 211


Female Veterans Cricket

Planning is underway to establish a National Female Veterans Cricket group with informal games planned later this season and a National Championships now planned for 2022. A group to assist with developing a Female Veterans cricket in WA, under the umbrella of WA Veterans cricket is currently being established.

Anyone interested in being involved contact Jennifer Riatti  

Check out the WAVC website. This contains up to date information about the latest activities and details for all contacts.

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