Coach Development workshop helps support community coaches

Cricket Australia recently visited WA Cricket Community Cricket staff to host a two-day workshop on coach development and learning.

These workshops were designed to level up our approach to coach development, using up-to-date evidence and contemporary methods to design even better courses, workshops and programs to better support community coaches.  

With coaching an ongoing learning process, the workshop helped to develop activities that fit into the everyday coaching experience to make coach development easier to access.  

The workshop also explored how to make learning feel more real, by designing workshops that help coaches target real coaching problems they may face at training.

By continuing to develop our staff and approaches to coach development, the hope is to provide more tailored and relevant learning for every coach, from those that are new to the career to longstanding coaches.   

Keep an eye out as the season draws closer for our variety of coaching courses, workshops and live learning sessions, with something for everyone this season.