Perth Mum Named Volunteer of the Year

WA Cricket is proud to announce Kristen Piccinini from Wembley Districts Junior Cricket Club and Central Junior Cricket Association has been named national Volunteer of the Year.

One of several WA-based winners at the National Community Cricket Awards, Piccinini was heralded for her commitment and support in growing the game of girls’ cricket in the state.

After becoming a volunteer at Wembley Districts Cricket Club when her daughter showed an interest in playing cricket seven years ago, Piccinini has not looked back.

“My role at the club is as the Girl’s Coordinator, and for the last year I’ve also been Vice President of the club,” Piccinini says.  

“I’ve helped this year a lot at Cricket Blast which is a Friday night session, going down and helping the volunteers that we had, helping parents engage with the club and getting them to understand what the culture is about.”

 Piccinini says it has been fantastic to watch the sport grow and be a part of its continued growth, adding the club has come a long way in developing pathways for women and girls.

“We had two teams on our oval of Under-11 girls and that was it for a lot of Perth,” she says.

The club now boasts eight female teams across various levels.

“For girls being in a team where you get to sit with each other for two hours is a powerful thing,” Piccinini says.

“They make meaningful friendships, they have each other’s back, they celebrate their wins together and help each other with the disappointment of a loss and it is unlike any other team sport.”

Piccinini says being recognised as the National Volunteer of the Year winner was an overwhelming, yet lovely experience.

“Volunteering at your local cricket club is a great way to be involved in your community,” she says.

“It was a very easy decision for me to be involved as a volunteer and it is because a committee is always so much fun to be a part of.

“The think I really enjoy is getting to watch the kids grow up, you see them come along as a Cricket Blast kid, you watch them grow and learn to be a great team player.

“It is very satisfying to know that Wembley Districts is their club, and they have a real sense of ownership over it, and everyone celebrates it.”