Junior Winter Cricket set for WA

Junior Winter Cricket is set to take WA by storm over the coming months, with kids aged 7-14 able to take part in an eleven-week tournament to run between terms two and three on the school calendar.

The first-time competition is designed for kids who want to participate in cricket outside of the traditional summer period. 

Team nomination 

To nominate a team, you must have an adult nominate as a Team Manager, who will act as the primary contact for the team.  

The Team Manager will nominate their team and once the grade is formed, will receive instructions on how to create and manage their team on PlayHQ. 

Players will register individually to the Team and the Team Manager will organise the team on match days.  

It is advised to speak to other players that may be interested in this competition and confirm you have enough players to form a team, before nominating a team.  


A minimum of four teams within the same category is needed to form a grade.  

If there are not enough team nominations in one of the categories, the category will not go ahead.  

The categories are as follows: 


School Year Level 

Number of Players Per Team 

Player Registration Fee 

Stage 1 Boys 

Years 3-5 

5 to 9 (Ideally 7 per week) 


Stage 2 Boys 

Years 5-7 

7 to 11 (Ideally 9 per week) 


Stage 3 Boys 

Years 7-11 

9 to 13 (Ideally 11 per week) 


Stage 1 Girls 

Years 3-7 

5 to 9 (Ideally 7 per week) 


Stage 2 Girls 

Years 7-9 

7 to 11 (Ideally 9 per week) 




The competition is planned to run for 11 weeks during term two and three with a break during the school holidays. 



# Weeks 


8-23 June 



20 July-8 August 


The rules and structure of this competition will be similar to Summer Junior Community Cricket Competitions. 

Due to limited ground availability, games will be played at various days, times, and locations, with fixtures being on Saturday and Sunday mornings and Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Teams will need to be flexible to accommodate match times, although requests may be taken into consideration. Grades will be formed around three areas around Perth: North West, Central East and South East. 

 If capacity is reached at available grounds, team nominations may be closed.  

To avoid missing out, please ensure you organise your team and register ASAP. Once team nominations have closed, and the team has been registered on PlayHQ, players will have to register to the team to participate in the competition. 

Teams will be required to provide the following on match day: 

  • A device for electronic scoring. 
  • A volunteer scorer. 
  • A volunteer umpire. 
  • Player equipment (either the team must provide shared equipment for players or players must have their own equipment). 
  • Match equipment (2x sets of stumps, chalk/tape to mark the bowling crease, boundary cones). At least one of the sets of stumps must be portable. 

WA Cricket will provide, included in the player registration costs: 

  • All match balls for each team 
  • Umpires for Stage 2 and Stage 3 teams (subject to availability) 
  • Ground hire 

The registration form can be found here: https://forms.office.com/r/r8MtFwtKY5