Integrated Cricket League kick starts season at WACA Ground

The Belt Up Integrated Cricket League (ICL) commenced its 2023-24 season with a Gala Day at the WACA Ground.

The Belt Up Integrated Cricket League, supported by the Insurance Commission of Western Australia and the WA Cricket Foundation, is a key part of the community cricket landscape across WA.

It offers an accessible format of cricket for people with disability to join teams and participate in club life, and the Insurance Commission funds enabling equipment for the ICL and its players, as well as improved training resources and expansion of the competition.

The ICL is open to junior and senior teams, with an A Grade competition also fiercely contested by Applecross and North Perth Cricket Club’s.

With 13 senior and six junior teams, this is shaping up to be the biggest year for the League to date.

The Belt Up Integrated Cricket League provides an opportunity for clubs to enter teams into a competition that plays a modified format, aimed at those with less cricket skills, experience, or confidence.

This provides opportunities for players with a disability to play community cricket in an environment that is suitable for their needs.

Wembley Cricket Club ICL player Thomas Rimmer was thoroughly enjoying his experience playing on the WACA Ground at the Gala Day.

“This is my first year with Wembley and I have taken a couple of wickets already so it’s good fun,” he said.

“I love my cricket and I want to be playing for WA and next year I hope to play for Australia.”

WA Cricket Inclusion and Diversity Specialist Jade Wyllie said the Belt Up Integrated Cricket League is a fantastic way for clubs to connect with the entire community.

“The League is growing rapidly, and it is really exciting that the existing clubs are seeing how much it has brought to them in terms of culture,” Wyllie said.

“We have more clubs showing interest and looking to come on board to have their own ICL team, so we’re looking forward to seeing where the League can go as we look to make cricket a sport for all.” Wyllie said.

Alison Wilson, General Manager Governance and Stakeholder Relations at the Insurance Commission said:

“The Insurance Commission is proud to sponsor the Belt Up Integrated Cricket League. This is the fifth year of our partnership and during that time, we have provided more than $200,000 of funding to the ICL through the provision of equipment, marquees, tablets, coaching aids, helmets, support staff and the ability to access grants.

“The Belt Up message promotes the importance of wearing a seatbelt every time you get into a car. It’s great to see the impact this funding is having on the growth of the league and the spread of the Belt Up message.

“We’d like to wish all teams participating in the Integrated Cricket League a wonderful season and thank you for your support in promoting the important Belt Up message. Together, we can help improve safety on and off the pitch.”