It takes effort to get cricket teams onto the park each year and particularly the amount of work in the peak registration windows. Australian Cricket is committed to finding ways to make the lives of volunteers easier.

In season 2019/20 Australian Cricket will be working with clubs and associations to make all junior registrations online.

This will save valuable time and give parents the chance to register their kids anytime, anywhere, in one quick transaction that will include an individual insurance levy of $5 (replacing the current per team levy charged to clubs).

Australian Cricket will be looking to do the same for senior registrations in 2020-21.

Online registration isn’t new. Over 1,000 clubs enabled the functionality this season and Woolworths Cricket Blast (and its predecessors programs) has operated this way for many years.

There has also been a completed pilot in 2018-19 with 50 clubs around the country to run their junior and senior club registrations fully online.

The pilot helped Australian Cricket identify the barriers to registering online and the feedback received reinforced that this does free up precious administration time at such a critical and busy point in a club’s annual operations.

We are confident we have developed a registration experience on that meets club and members’ expectations.


Technology can excite some of us and scare the rest of us! Australian Cricket is committed to being here to help clubs through this change and answer any questions.

From videos to FAQs, local Cricket Managers or the National Helpdesk 1800 CRICKET, there is the required support.

Clubs will receive more detailed information from their local Cricket Manager.

In the meantime, if you’ve got any feedback please don’t hesitate to get in touch through the National HelpDesk (1800 CRICKET).

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