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Guide to managing volunteers

Celebrating your Volunteers

Volunteers are awesome! They give up their time and energy to make your club better, and that’s something to celebrate!

Celebrating the achievements and dedication of volunteers is not only a great way to build your club culture, it’s also a good promotion tool and will help attract new volunteers to your club.

Here’s some ideas to get you started:

  • Smile, say hello and thank your volunteers in person regularly.
  • A star profile - Include a profile of a volunteer in each edition of your club newsletter. This could be as simple as a Q&A or short testimonial from a fellow volunteer or your Volunteer Coordinator.
  • Social media shout outs - Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are a great way to share on-the-spot updates. Spot a volunteer doing something awesome on match day? Share a photo with your online club community. Just make sure to get permission from the volunteer before sharing the picture.
  • Volunteer awards - Hold a Volunteer Awards night, or include some awards for volunteers at your next Club Presentation event. Present special awards to recognise volunteers who have been with the club for 3, 5 or 10 years etc.
  • Certificates - Create personalised appreciation certificates for your volunteers and present these certificates at your next club event.
  • Volunteer thank you BBQ - Hold an exclusive BBQ just for club volunteers. Ask local businesses to donate supplies.
  • Volunteer of the Month – Recognise a worthy volunteer each month and promote in your newsletter, on your website and social media pages.
  • Provide volunteers with name badges, pins, shirts or caps.
  • Volunteer discounts - Approach local businesses and your Club sponsors to offer discounts for your volunteers.
  • A volunteer round - Schedule a round in your fixture which celebrates volunteers – think match-day announcements, prizes and heaps of opportunities for members to say thanks.
  • Offer life membership to long serving volunteers
  • Professional development opportunities - A great way to reward volunteers is to offer opportunities for them to upskill. Upskilling your volunteers benefits everyone! Think Responsible Service of Alcohol, First Aid courses and work experience opportunities.
  • Offer small gifts - such as sports vouchers and iTunes vouchers.
  • Publicly recognise - in a speech from a senior member of the Club. You may also wish to involve your local member of Parliament or Councillor to amplify the praise (this may also result in local media coverage).
  • Free tickets – Provide free tickets to matches, special events and functions.
  • Send cards – On birthdays, Christmas, get well cards etc to your volunteers.
  • Name events or facilities after long-serving volunteers.
  • Acknowledge efforts of volunteers during committee meetings
  • Listing volunteers in Club Yearbook.
  • Nominate for external awards eg. WACA Community Cricket Awards
  • At-match recognition – On screen, at functions, lap of honour.
  • Farewell volunteers when they move away from the area or leave the Club.
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