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Guide to managing volunteers

Selecting Volunteers

Having a selection process helps to ensure you get the right person for the role. Depending on the role you may decide whether a formal/informal process is appropriate, whilst keeping the overall process simple.

Here are some methods to help with the selection of your potential volunteers:

  • Role Description - do they have the skills and knowledge required according to the Role Description, if not, what training is required for them to perform the role? Click here to view our Role Description templates.
  • Application form – depending on the role you may ask them to submit a simple Expression of Interest or Application Form. Click here for our Expression of Interest template.
  • Meeting – It’s always a good idea to have a discussion with a person about the role to determine their suitability. This may be an informal chat over a cuppa or a formal interview process, depending on the role. Click here for our Volunteer Interview Questions template.
  • Reference check – it is strongly recommended you request at least two referees from their most recent sporting club or employer, particularly for roles involving working with children. Click here for our Reference Check template.
  • Observe coaching sessions.
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