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Guide to managing volunteers

Inducting your Volunteers

It is important to ensure all new volunteers receive the necessary information and are made to feel welcome, special and appreciated from the start.

Here are some tips to help ensure all new volunteers get a good introduction to the club:

  • Use an Induction Checklist as a guide. Click here for our Induction Checklist template.
  • One off or casual volunteers should be provided with a simple briefing on the tasks to be completed.
  • Set term and ongoing volunteers should receive a more detailed induction.
  • Get other committee members and existing volunteers to introduce themselves and be approachable.
  • Welcome them into the club at your first committee meeting.
  • Have a handover period if possible from the person who was doing that role.
  • Make time to brief them on the Club’s goals, people involved, and facilities.
  • Create a simple Welcome Pack to include:
    • Welcome to the Club letter – click here for a template
    • Club & Association structure - Organisation Chart - click here for a template
    • All relevant Club Policies and Procedures (e.g. Child Safeguarding, alcohol) Click here for Policy templates.
    • Contact Details of key people – Committee, coaches, managers, umpires, association etc. Click here for our Contact List template.
    • Role Description. Click here to view templates.
  • Where to find all relevant club handbooks, cricket rules, guidelines, volunteer resources Eg. Club website
  • How to use MyCricket if it is required in their role
  • How to claim expenses
  • Appoint someone to be their ‘buddy’ to help them learn the ropes and for support.
  • Make sure your volunteers have the resources they need – equipment, keys, uniform etc.
  • Identify any training needs eg. Coaching Accreditation, first aid, food handling safety etc.
  • Announce their new role with a thank you in the club newsletter, e-news and social media channels.
  • Organise a name badge and club shirt to help clearly identify volunteers.
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