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Guide to managing volunteers

Appointing a Volunteer Coordinator

Most clubs appoint people to key positions such as President, Treasurer, or Secretary to provide direction to the club and to manage its finances and administration.

Why not appoint someone to manage your most important resource – your volunteers?

What is a Volunteer Coordinator?

A Volunteer Coordinator helps manage the volunteers in a club. The main functions of the role are:

  • A figurehead for your volunteers
  • Takes responsibility for seeking new people
  • Provides support and advice
  • Says thank you

For a full list of duties, click here for a Role Description template.

Who is the Volunteer Coordinator?

  • It could be someone in an existing club role – Eg. President, or Secretary
  • A regular committee member
  • It could be a member who hasn’t got involved before

The position could be filled by one person or by a team of people, each with defined tasks.

For example, a team of three might divide the role into the following tasks:

  1. Finding and inducting new volunteers
  2. Record keeping and formal processes
  3. Recognising volunteers and succession planning


  1. Coaches
  2. Officials
  3. Other volunteers

Why have a Volunteer Coordinator?

Having a Volunteer Coordinator can benefit your club in the following ways:

  • Having a designated person to support volunteers
  • Helping increase the number of volunteers and assisting in the retention of volunteers
  • Protecting the club by ensuring that club policies and procedures are followed
  • Assigning tasks and spreading the workload among volunteers to prevent ‘burnout’
  • Maintaining clear communication channels with the committee or board
  • Ensuring volunteers feel valued and supported

What skills and attributes should the Volunteer Coordinator have?

  • Positive and enthusiastic
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Well organised, good time management skills
  • Good understanding of volunteering principles
  • Is trustworthy and approachable

Do you know someone within your club who ticks these boxes?

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