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National Clubroom Webinar Series

The WACA has joined forces with Cricket Australia and other State and Territory Associations to create the National Clubroom Series of webinars that incorporates lessons, experiences and valuable advice from across the country for community cricket stakeholders.

Whether you’re a Cricket Club Committee Member, Club Volunteer, or Blast Coordinator, we’ve got you covered.

About the National Clubroom Series

The Series is made up of 17 webinars on 10 different subjects delivered by Cricket Australia, State and Territory representatives and keynote speakers over July - October.

It has been designed for Club Volunteers, Parents, Players, Coaches, Blast Coordinators, Club and Association Committee Members and anyone wanting their cricket experience to be easier, more fun and more inclusive.

Register Now

To register follow the link which will direct you to the webinar page where you can individually register for webinars of your choice.

Click here for the full program and information on each session.

National Clubroom Series Schedule
1. Marketing and Club Promotions || Wed 7 Jul, 5:30pm

2. MyCricket 101 Registrations || Thurs 8 Jul, 5:30pm

3. Servicing Your Cricket Members in the New World || Mon 19 Jul, 5:30pm

4. The Rewards of Retention || Thu 22 Jul, 5:00pm

5. Building Your Volunteering Community || Tue 27 Jul, 5:30pm

6. Coaching - Great Coaching at your Club || Thu 12 Aug, 5:00pm

7. Child Safe - Creating a Child Safe Environment || Mon 16 Aug, 5:30pm

8. Reflecting on Community || Thu 19 Aug, 5:30pm

9. Making Cricket a Must Do Sport for Women and Girls - Players || Tues 24 Aug, 5:30pm

10. Coaching - CA Coach APP EXPLODES || Mon 30 Aug, 5:00pm

11. Making Cricket a Must Do Sport for Women and Girls - Volunteers || Tue 31 Aug, 5:30pm

12. Revenue Raising and Financial Arrangements || Thu 2 Sep, 5:30pm

13. MyCricket 101 - Competition Management || Tue 7 Sep, 5:30pm

14. Coaching - Understand the Kids and Families to Create Great Connections || Wed 15 Sep, 5:00pm

15. More! Building your Volunteering Community || Thu 16 Sep, 5:30pm

16. Child Safe - Help! I'm my Clubs Child Safe Officer || Mon 20 Sep, 5:30pm

17. MyCricket 101 - E-Scoring || Tue 21 Sep, 5:30pm

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