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Statewide Alcohol.Think Again
Senior Club Program

Statewide Alcohol.Think Again
Senior Club Program - CricketWest

The WACA feels strongly about assisting cricket clubs in promoting good health and wellbeing, as well as creating a responsible environment for the consumption of alcohol.

The Statewide Alcohol.Think Again Club Senior Club Program, managed by the WACA, in partnership with Healthway and the Alcohol and Drug Foundation’s (ADF) Good Sports program, has been established to aid senior cricket clubs across Western Australia to develop a healthy club culture.

Aligning with the WACA’s pillar of fostering positive club culture, the focus of this program is on the responsible behaviour and service of alcohol and to provide incentives to clubs to improve the health and wellbeing of the club for their members and supporters. This program has helped to redefine a healthy cricket culture and foster a whole of cricket approach to club health and sustainability, as well as supporting clubs to create strategies to improve their club’s health and long-term sustainability. 

Why Enrol: 

All new clubs enrolling into the Good Sports 3 level program during the 2020-21 Season will be eligible for incentives valued up to $300 upon completion of level 3. Clubs that have completed Level 3 Good Sports can then apply for the Statewide Alcohol.Think Again Senior Club Program and to go into the running to win a cash and prizes for implementing and demonstrating the positive changes made at their club.

To take part in the Statewide Alcohol.Think Again Senior Club Program and be eligible for incentives, clubs will require Level 3 Good Sports accreditation.

Statewide Alcohol.Think Again Senior Club Program, Club Improvement Fund (CricketWest)

Upon completion of level 3 Good Sports program clubs are encouraged to enter their club into the Statewide Alcohol.Think Again Senior Club program where they may win cash & prizes by demonstrating the positive changes the club has made through the Good Sports program

There are 2 prizes available:

Prize 1 is offered to new clubs entering the Good Sports Program who have acquired Level 3 Good Sports in the 2020-21 Season

Prize 2 is available for clubs who have moved to Level 3 accreditation from Level One or Two in any season and demonstrate how their club has continued to create a Healthy Club Culture.

Statewide Alcohol.Think Again Senior Cub Program - Club Improvement Fund Prizes available:

Prize 1 - $1,000 Cash + Alcohol.Think Again Marquee & Scoreboard

Prize 2 - $1,000 Cash + Alcohol.Think Again Marquee & Scoreboard

To be eligible for the prize you must be accredited at Level 3 Good Sports and either be a new club on board or a club that has progressed to Level 3 Good Sports this season.


To enter: 

Complete the online form and tell us in 300 words or less what changes your club has made in your progress through the Good Sports program during the 2020-21 season, as well as how you would use the prize money to improve your club.

Program Overview

Clubs enrolling in the program during the 2020-21 Season will be eligible to enter and receive incentives from the Club Improvement Fund, detailed below. Those clubs which previously signed up to the Good Sports program and progress to another level during this current season, will also eligible to enter and win.

To take part in the program and be eligible to be in the running to receive incentives, clubs will need to be accredited as a Level 3 Good Sports club. Good Sports will help clubs to understand what is required to achieve accreditation, starting with small changes right through to policy development and implementation. 

Good Sports Level 1

Setting the Foundation

  • Attain a liquor license for your club, if required
  • Train members in Responsible Service of Alcohol
  • Promote your involvement in Good Sports

Good Sports Level 2

Supporting the Change 

  • Put in place a safe transport policy
  • Encourage safe celebrations
  • Consider new revenue streams that don’t include alcohol promotion 

Good Sports Level 3

Making it Official

  • Create and put in place an alcohol management policy 

By completing levels 1-3, clubs will reach the top of the Good Sports accreditation and continue to maintain their level 3 status, creating opportunities for more participants, spectators and sponsors, along with a greatly improved environment for children and families.

Good Sports will work with your club to build a healthier environment by:

  • Assisting your club to review and manage alcohol responsibly and reduce alcohol related problems.
  • Encouraging the review of the alcohol drinking culture in your club.
  • Re-shaping the club environment and encouraging new behavioural norms among players, members and spectators.
  • Reinforcing your club’s commitment to the safe service and consumption of alcohol and the promotion of good health in general.
  • Setting guidelines for members/participants in relation to alcohol and healthy behaviours.
  • Standardising procedures around dealing with any behaviour that falls outside of the stated objectives.
  • Clarifying the roles and responsibilities of members and others associated within your club.
  • Improving the potential for sustainable behaviour change. 

Benefits to your club for taking part in the program 

Makes your club safer

Providing responsible service of alcohol for members will help to reduce risky drinking and promote a healthy club environment. 

Positions your club as a leader 

The Good Sports accreditation is recognition of your club’s important role in the community. By role-modelling positive behaviours, your club will be more family-friendly and can have a lasting impact on the community. 

More funding opportunities 

A strong and family-friendly club is attractive to sponsors and funders. Good Sports clubs see an increase in sponsorship dollars and are often looked on more favourably for grant applications. 

Staying ahead of the game

Good Sports has done the research and know what success looks like. Joining Good Sports is a commitment to making your club the best it can be. 

Plenty of support

The Good Sports team supports your club to complete the program at your own pace. Every club is different, but most clubs can fulfill the requirements by committing just a few hours a year to the program. 

Program Enrolment 

Information about Good Sports accreditation can be found at

To register into the program contact Tam Lynn or Ra Jarden-Osborne
at Good Sports.

T: 08 9340 0815

For more information, or if you have any questions, please contact your local Cricket Manager or Chloe Forrest, Partnerships Specialist.
T: 08 9265 7288 | M: 0419 139 457


Why should my club enrol in the program? 

Enrolling in the program will: 

  • Reinforce your club’s commitment to the safe service and consumption of alcohol and the promotion of good health in general.
  • Set guidelines for members/participants in relation to alcohol and healthy behaviour.
  • Standardise the procedures for dealing with any behaviour that falls outside the stated objectives.
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities of members and others associated with the organisation.
  • Improve the potential for sustainable behaviour change.

How will taking part in the program benefit my club? 

Taking part in the program will benefit your club because:

  • It demonstrates your club’s commitment to providing a duty of care to members, spectators and participants.
  • A ‘health promoting’ club will appeal to a broader community.
  • A healthy club sets a good example for young people - parents feel reassured when their children are involved in a club where they are less likely to be exposed to excessive alcohol consumption and other health risks.

The local pub is our sponsor, does this affect our eligibility for the program? 

No, as we understand sponsorships can be the lifeblood of a club, we don’t want to restrict clubs from sponsorship opportunities. Instead we want clubs to consider how the sponsorship is set up - for example look at promoting the dining facilities instead of drink specials.

Does this policy mean zero alcohol at club matches and events? 

No, we’re not asking you to tell your members and supporters not to drink alcohol, instead we’re asking you to think of ways you can act responsibly and have guidelines in place that outline the club’s expectations around alcohol consumption. 

Is my club eligible to take part? 

All regional senior cricket clubs and associations are eligible to take part in this program. 

Terms & Conditions

Clubs that have signed up to the Alcohol.Think Again Senior Club Program in previous years are still eligible to enter if they have completed and advanced to level 3 Good Sports accreditation.

The prize money must be used to improve the club, for example new equipment, education or infrastructure improvement.

The Club Improvement Fund opens at 12:00am on Sunday 1 November 2020 and closes at 11:59 pm on Friday 12 March 2021. The winner will be announced on 1 April 2021 and will be notified by phone and by email.