WA Cricket Pathways Coach Adrian Harris and Cricket Manager Ryan Hosking were in Bali from May 20-29 administering a variety of development workshops for national, state and local coaches.

The pair also spent time with Indonesia’s Under-19 Women’s and Senior Women’s teams, helping them prepare for an Under-19 World Cup Qualifier Tournament and the Asian Games, respectively. 

“They’re probably lacking coaches across the board,” Hosking said.

“They’ve got some national players helping their underage program so a big focus was for us to coach them so they’re at a level to facilitate a good session for their national Under-19 male and female players.”

It was WA Cricket’s first trip to Indonesia since the COVID-19 pandemic, having previously facilitated a variety of coaching courses during a week-long visit in 2019.   

The project, supported by ICC East-Asia Pacific, highlighted to Hosking how much potential there is for cricket to thrive in Indonesia.

Hosking was also gripped by the stories of those involved.

“Their ability was definitely more advanced than we were anticipating going in, and there’s a fair bit of talent around,” Hosking said.

“It was also just awesome to have the ability to work with some really cool cricketers and great people.

“I really enjoyed listening to their stories – how they came to cricket, where they came from and what they were trying to achieve.

“Any support we can give them over there is going to beneficial for them. They don’t have the resources, facilities or structures that we do over here.”

Harris echoed Hosking’s sentiments and reflected fondly on the hospitality of their hosts.

“My main takeaway was how amazing the people are,” Harris said.

“I’ve never been involved with a group of people like that before. Life was simple but amazing – they’re incredibly positive and made it an exceptional experience. We were blown away by their hospitality.

“The enthusiasm for cricket is certainly there, as well. There really seems to be a genuine love for the game among those who play it.”

PCI has embraced a vision for cricket to become ‘an Indonesian sport that unites the country through International Success and generates National Pride’.

In turn, the nation is determined to rapidly improve its infrastructure and increase participation.

They’ve already taken large strides forward in recent years, with the Indonesian Women’s team ranked 22nd and pushing for a berth in the next ICC Women’s T20 World Cup.

Indonesia’s Under-19 Women’s team, meanwhile, could feature in the same group as Australia at the next World Cup, should they secure qualification.

WA Cricket Coach and Talent Specialist Job van Bunge is thrilled WA Cricket has the chance to help the South-East Asian side evolve.

“Our ongoing relationship with Indonesian cricket presents a few amazing opportunities,” van Bunge said.

“Indonesia has the world’s fourth-largest population of 270 million people; the people we’ve worked with are incredibly passionate about the game; they already have a broad cricket base; and they’re determined to grow the game rapidly.

“We’re eager to help them develop the appropriate framework to achieve this goal, and it’s an exciting journey to be part of.”