South West Metro Region Cricket Manager Cherie Pirnie said Tim’s creativity and commitment to his role has inspired so many young cricketers at the Club.

“Tim is incredibly committed to delivering a fun and highly engaging program for young cricketers at the Club, as well as their parents.

“His vibe is infectious, along with his welcoming manner. Tim thinks outside the box and gets creative with his delivery of activities to ensure the kids are loving every minute of the program.

“He’s a quick thinker and will change things up when required to make sure the young cricketers are getting the most out of the program and have a strong foundation to build on as they progress to the Master Blaster program,” Pirnie said.

Tim Gray said the role enables him to have a positive impact on young cricketers’ skills and character.

“When I signed my son up for Junior Blaster five years ago, the Club asked for someone to coordinate the program.

“I knew some of the families at the Club already and knew they were good people so I put my hand up and have been doing it ever since.

“People always remember their sports’ coaches and what I like most about running the program is knowing that I can be part of a positive experience in the kids‘ lives that they remember forever.

“Hopefully the kids continue to play cricket for years to come and they share their love of cricket with others the way I have,” he said.